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Friday, 27 December 2013

Storms? What storms?

We've had strong winds and rain and the news is full of floods and power cuts, yet no one's mentioned climate change. Saw a link to a BBC news report on Twitter, where some woman was complaining to the Prime Minister that "not enough has been done...". Doubt it's occurred to her that it'll be a losing battle to stop the flooding, long-term, if nothing is done about global warming. How much energy is she using, without consideration?

Anyhow, this was the view from my window this afternoon, just before a sheet of stratocumulus hid the blue sky. Deceptively calm and peaceful. It won't last.

PS: Forgot my camera the other day. Being driven through the next village, soon after a hail shower, saw storm clouds in the south, with torrential sheets of rain. To the west, clear blue sky. It all changes so quickly.

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