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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A Spring day in January

It's bright and sunny and unseasonably warm. I shall do some gardening, but it's January, for heaven's sake!

Mid-morning, and the sky was mostly clear; just a few contrails and some streaks of altocumulus in the east.


Little Miss Adventure said...

I was hanging the laundry out in the sunshine and listening to wood pigeons cooing away this morning. It felt like late spring/summer, not January!

As a snow-girl though, I have to admit to still hoping for a decent cold snap though.

Little Miss Adventure said...

p.s. The Royal Meteorological Society are running a talk on taking meteorological photographs on 25th January in Reading. Although as I don't know your background, maybe you already know this?


Margaret Nelson said...

Thanks, I didn't know about the talk but Reading's a bit too far away for me to go.

robin andrea said...

Interesting to see that your skies are blue and the temps are warm there. It's like that here in California, as well. Unseasonably warm and dry. I'm still learning to identify clouds and enjoying it immensely.

Margaret Nelson said...

It's a bit cooler and greyer here today.

Glad you're enjoying cloud-spotting Robin. How about the Cloud Appreciation Society? (see link). They can help with identification.